Development Process

Interviews about Issues

Daisan • has great talent for not only making equipment, but solving problems of how to make a component or product by machine produces. Whenever you run into a difficult problem, we invite you to contact us for consultation. Even for products that are still in the research and development stage, our engineers are prepared to work with you to come up with workable plans. We are also experienced in CE and other overseas standards.

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Conceptual Design

We can conceive order-made, special-use industrial equipment for industry because we have hands-on expertise in making equipment by hand for a wide variety of fields and the technical spirit that drives us to take on the challenge of creating new products. Basically, we conceive of new and original methods that match each problem to solve with our philosophy of unique technologies for each individual company.

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Detailed Design

We draw mechanical and electrical design drawings from concepts, considering delivery, cost, ease of maintenance, safety, no more at each step in the processes. Our teams are concerned with equipment design and operability. These are hallmarks of a Daisan • design.

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Parts Manufacturing

With highly technical expertise, our manufacturing staff can create a diverse array of high-quality and low-cost parts regardless of material or size.

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We take unstinting care to create products offering the required performance in our temperature-controlled plant.

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Electrical Work

Electrical work is done according to in-house standards developed over the years and to our customer's specifications. We strive not only for functioning and ease of maintenance, but also for the esthetic beauty of the final product.

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Test Operation

Our staff installs software and verifies operation under a variety of conditions to ensure that the machine operates as required and at the requisite speed.

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On-site Observation

Our customers are always invited to our company to ascertain the level of performance of their equipment.


Regardless of whether you are in Japan or overseas, our staff will inquire about your equipment, construction, and setup to get the equipment up and running in a short amount of time.


Daisan • engineers will explain operation to the operators of the equipment. Our staff takes responsibility for checking production and monitoring flow.


In the event of a problem, the engineers that were involved in the design and manufacturing will provide you with support. Because our engineers know the equipment best, their handling of any of problems will minimize machine down-time.