Technical Information

Daisan •'s Technological Expertise. Everyone is working toward "software" approaches: Rising to the challenge, and refusing to give up until we are successful

Development in diverse sectors fuels our production of key devices

Key devices are found in all types of products: the all-important elements that implement product functionality. Daisan • manufacturers the equipment used to produce these key devices that are so crucial to our customers. Confidentiality issues prevent us from revealing details, but for example we have developed systems to weld 20-micrometer platinum wire with sub-micrometer precision, and freely handle magnets capable of lifting payloads of 100 kilograms. We work with the customer to develop the system from the ground up, starting with brainstorming on possible avenues to pursue. We get a lot of tough problems to solve, but we approach them all with the determination to keep at it until we find a solution. We never give up. Our rich fund of experience leads us to solutions for diverse customer requirements, completing development projects rapidly.

Total coordination for every phase of product creation

Daisan • coordinates every part of the creation process, from design to installation and maintenance. We work with cooperating companies while handling the core components in-house to build up a store of knowledge and expertise while simultaneously minimizing delivery time and cost. Personnel involved in system manufacture handle maintenance as well, ensuring prompt, effective support.


Delivery worldwide, backed up by compliance with global standards

Seventy to eighty percent of our products are delivered to sites overseas, covering every continent except South America, Antarctica, and Africa. We comply with various standards appropriate for each specific customer, and receive certification as needed from international standards agencies. Our engineers travel to the installation site, whether in Japan or overseas, supervising the operation and providing complete backup for overseas expansion.

The archive business, leveraging legacy resources

Industrial production equipment for special applications is custom-order: one-of-a-kind products. It represents a hefty capital investment for the customer, and naturally they want to utilize the equipment for as long as possible. We often get inquiries from customers who say they have the drawings, but still can't figure out how to make the equipment. We often provide production technology to other firms to improve their efficiency, and as a system stays in service for long years, there are often cases where the details of operation have been forgotten even by the people using it. We borrow the equipment, refurbish it, and sometimes even make it anew in what we refer to as our "archive business."