Messages from Our Engineers(Processing)

I will never say,"It's not possible." I do everything that has to be done, leaving no stone unturned.(Production Department, General Manager)

Our equipment is one of a kind. The parts are also unique. I've worked on complex-shape components that require precision on the order of one-hundredths of a millimeter, or even higher. The difficulty of machining metal is that properties differ depending on the composition and on each of the different materials. For example, subtle warping may occur because of residual stress in the material when it's worked. We approach nearly zero error through our rich experience or, if using an NC tool, through programming that takes such stress into account.

This is serious business that does not allow for even the slightest carelessness. When a product is completed, I'm usually completely exhausted. Even then, we won't shrink away from taking on challenges for any issue that comes our way. Far from it -- day in and day out, our engineering staff never tires of debating ways to achieve precise metalworking more quickly. To date, we have never said, "that's impossible," and we never intend to.