Messages from Our Engineers(Machine Design)

Beautiful, gimmicky, weired and wonderful is our machine. We put our affection and wishes for "long-lasting" in our machine.(Engineering Department, General Manager)

We are great at building machine which is comparatively light people can hold and requires short time, for example, within a few seconds the machine can produce a few pieces. However, we have broadened our experience in dealing with different products, various ways or machining are inspecting, and delivering places and domestic and abroad. In those experiences, we have done many development process of factory equipment, from the first development stage of new product.

In the Engineering Department, we naturally strive to satisfy our customers' desired function and performance, but we also work hard to make machine more reliable, safe, and easy to operate. In particular, to create machines those thoroughly reduce the number of troubles. We put focus on simple mechanism with thoughts of "Simple is best". To achieve this goal, we study leading technologies of both Japan and other countries on daily basic, and design machines from various perspectives.

The distinctive design of our design is that we make original and full of gimmick machine to form according to requests of customers. We have engineers who know the pleasures of imaging and the pains of produce new ideas. Simply I can say , at Daisan • , we build each machine with love. It's our strong desire that our customer will use Daisan • made machine long future. As a designer, we put those wishes into the machine