Messages from Our Engineers

Technology is something that comes from people.

We encourage our engineers to give their best that's why our technical prowess has received high praises. Our technique comes only from the staff that we have. We have brought together talented people who have the spirit of a engineer and unlimited creativity. These people are indeed the pride of Daisan •. Please read what they have to say.

  • Engineering Sales

    You'll understand our quality by operating one of our machines. I invite you to take a look at any of our equipment.

  • Machine Design

    Beautiful, gimmicky, weired and wonderful is our machine. We put our affection and wishes for "long-lasting" in our machine.

  • Electrical Design

    When you're creating equipment like none ever seen before, we want to be called on first.

  • Processing

    I will never say,"It's not possible." I do everything that has to be done,leaving no stone unturned.

  • Assembly

    The harder the jobs,the more we scramble to grab it. Every single member of our staff is a machine nut.

  • Wiring Work

    Even the wiring is complete and beautiful. That is true Daisan • equipment.