Messages from Our Engineers(Engineering Sales)

You'll understand our quality by operating one of our machines. I invite you to take a look at any of our equipment.(Sales Engineering Department, General Manager)

Once a customer worked with us, they often repeat again. Our strong point is we provide complete coordination. We will work with you from designing, through component-machining stage and assembly to final installation. This method enables us to bring all of our technical expertise together to produce newborn machine for you. That also makes your work highly convenient.

We have abundant experience in a wide range of industries, so, we have the advantage of offering a new machine with our technical know-how in the same industry as you and different viewpoint gained in different industry from yours. We are, of course, involved in business from a framing stage and also frequently asked to take part form a development stage of a new product to process constructing.

The quality of our machine is obvious when it works. That's why we do make all our effort to meet the heightened expectations of our customers who understand not only our good price, but also good work. It's not easy to describe how good our machines are in world, so we ask you to come to our plant and see the machines and the skillful engineers.