Messages from Our Engineers(Electrical Design)

When you're creating equipment like none ever seen before, we want to be called on first.(Engineering Department, Electronic Engineering Division, Manager)

I work to create equipment of every kind, matched to the required value and functioning. Almost all of this is equipment like nothing ever seen before, so constantly taking up challenges creates a sense of fulfillment for me as an engineer. What I give particular consideration to is equipment that is easy for operators to use. I design equipment that is free of defects and that works right, of course, but also that, for example, takes into account the smooth operation of later processes in the event of an error.

Advances in control technology are making remarkable strides, and programs that used to be enormous are now often only a fraction of their former size. This makes it possible to add correspondingly more new functioning, so I am always trying to pick up new technologies that enable us to propose more for you, and I try to share these with the entire team. This does put some pressure on me, but the thrill of figuring out how to do something in an entirely new way is even stronger.

Machine Design, which creates new forms from nothing, and Electric Design, which breathes life and soul in to these forms, are inseparable parts of development. Creating better products through repeated revision and adjustment as we bounce our opinions off each other is the Daisan· style. In equipment development, our goal is to make the company the first name in the field, so that it's said that "for core equipment in manufacturing processes, only Daisan· can deliver!"