Messages from Our Engineers(Assembly)

The harder the jobs, the more we scramble to grab it. Every single member of our staff is a machine nut.(Production Department, Production Division, Manager)

Our equipment is really our best salesman. Our equipment is able to eloquently describe our technical capabilities. In fact, a large customer that manufactured its own equipment in-house took one look at our equipment and told us they were leaving it all to us. We're mainly in charge of assembly, but our department also takes part along with the Design Department in studying materials, structure, machining methods, costs, and more, right from the stage where specifications are being determined.

Everyone of our staff members loves making things -- you could even call us "machine nuts." We have invested ourselves in this business. Within the company, in fact, the more difficult a job is, the more likely we are to scramble to try to grab it. Making things letter-perfect to the design isn't enough for us -- we tweak it in every way possible to make it even better. Even if a machine has been painted, we'll apply a baking process to ensure that it stands up to many long years of use. That's how much care we put into our machines. Only when the equipment looks and performs beyond our customer's expectations do we stop. The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment I get when I complete a complex job is exceptional. However, what really makes me happy is when I see the look of joy on my customers' faces when they encounter a machine they've never seen before. I give my uncompromising care to my work for just such moments.