What fields is Daisan • best at?

We don't specialize in just one narrow field, but rather handle inquiries from a diverse range of industries and applications. It is hard to give a precise answer, but we are very good at equipment requiring different techniques for each type of work, such as assembly, inspection and welding.

What are the special characteristics of Daisan • ?

By working with clients in many different industries we pickup specialized knowledge and expertise in diverse fields, and we can draw on those resources to propose new solutions.

At what stage does a client come to Daisan • for assistance?

We can handle the entire coordination project, from conceptual design to fabrication, assembly, wiring, debugging and commissioning, so we can consult from any stage.

What about clients who want to develop equipment or a facility that's never been made before?

In many cases we begin working on equipment by first developing the work pieces, so we develop the entire product manufacturing process collaboratively with the client. That is part of the reason why so many of our clients continue to ask Daisan • to help them find new solutions.