Information of The Company

A Message from Our President

We would like to do something new others cannot do or even not try.We show our best when faced with difficulty and impossibility.This is our raison d'etre.(Tomokatsu Tanaka President)

We are not interested in making ordinary machine. That's what other companies do to your specification. Our motto is again "to be raison d'etre". What it means to us is to be the company providing special machines and strongly needed by customers. Since I was little, I don't like doing same things as others. Daisan • used to be a forge started by my grandfather. When I took over, I was determined to transform our company into a manufacturer that creates original products.

As soon as I joined this company, I set up design department in those days, we worked very hard for new business. Whenever a customer asked us, "Can you make this kind of machine?" our response was always the same "Sure we can". Then, we did our best to make it possible. Our machines satisfied customers and those gave us new our business chances. This is how we have development our technical expertise.

Once we faced with a serious crisis, many of our customers said to us, "If Daisan • was gone, who would I ask for?". Those words taught me about the importance of maintaining technologies that no other companies have, and reminded of deep appreciation for our customers. In the end, it's the customer that purchases our technology. This is how we learned the true meaning of motto.

Today, most of our customers keep repeating, which is evidence of the trust we have earned. We're also proud of that some companies researching a new technology for next generation, or often ask us to do business together. Our engineers are never satisfied with simple technologies. In fact, they excel at performing when confronted by impossible challenges. When they meet with adversity they product their most inspired work. Every time, they try out new things, devise, a new technology, and meet demands of customers.

Unfortunately, because we deal with confidential information, I cannot talk about derailed examples of our projects. I can, however, say proudly that you will receive exactly what you ordered. Technology is something that comes from man. I would like to invite anyone who understands these aspirations to give us a try.